Dreams Die Hard


An unplanned pregnancy, a Turkish lover, loveless marriages, an absent father and a monkey. This is Olive’s story. Inspired by a diary as the second world war was drawing to a close in April 1945.

It is a story where east meets west and where north travels south.

Peace ensues after a bloody war and Europe struggles to its feet. But the madness of division and derision simmers under the façade of harmony.

Where do I belong? Where is my land and who are my people?
And how am I going to care for this baby?

I find in this narrow world, I have to conform to a pattern. My spirit of adventure must be sacrificed. Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to travel to find a Utopia. Travel on and on till I found it. Well, dreams die hard.

Performed and written by Rachel Karafistan

Inspired by a diary by Olive Hyamson

Directed by Kuba Pierzchalski

Music by Kuba Pierzchalski

Premiere: Planned April / May 2018


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