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Dreams Die Hard

In 1944  the doodlebug bombs rain down on London.

As well as death and destruction they create random encounters, encounters that occassionally erupt into life. A Turkish Cypriot man hides under a table with a British woman from Liverpool.

2 August 1945,  the Potsdam treaty is ratified.

Europe is divided.

The woman from Liverpool gives birth to a baby in a hospital in London.

That baby is my Father.

I grow up, British – whatever that means.

I must have a very strong streak of foreign blood in me because I’ve never in my life felt any love for my country. I find in this narrow world, I have to conform to a pattern. My spirit of adventure must be sacrificed. Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to travel to find a Utopia. Travel on and on till I found it. Well, dreams die hard.
– Olive Davis, London 1945

Performed and written by Rachel Karafistan

Inspired by a diary by Olive Davis

Directed by Kuba Pierzchalski

Music by Kuba Pierzchalski

Premiere: 12th and 13th October 2018, Theater Haus Mitte, Berlin

Set and Props: Jo Johnston www.johnston-x-krö

Props and Video Animation: Kamil Macejko

Premiere: 12th & 13th October 2018, Theater Haus Mitte, Berlin, Germany.