Paula’s Reisen


PREMIERE: 06.04.2019

Paula experiences unimaginable worlds in her dream. Paul Maar’s playful picture book sends the little girl on a journey of discovery through strange worlds; round, red, and cornered. In every world they try to adjust Paula and make her ‘fit’. Time and again Paula resists the pressure of others in order to be accepted as she is.
A witty and imaginative plea for tolerance and diversity, openness and individuality.

Paul Maar (* 1937) is one of the best-known German children’s book authors. He became famous as the inventor of “Sams” and his very own version of the fairy tales from 1001 Nights, “Lippels Traum”.
He received  the special prize of the German Youth Literature Prize for his work.

Rachel Karafistan and Kuba Pierzchalski of COSmino are delighted to be bringing the shapes and colours of Paula’s voyage to life in this brand new production for Salzburger Landestheater in 2019.