about us

COSmino Productions was founded in 1998 by Rachel Karafistan. In 2000, Kuba Pierzchalski, then an actor with acclaimed company Teatr Biuro Podrozy, joined COSmino and together they began to be creative in as many ways as possible.

Today they live and work in Berlin, Germany with their two children.
Stosunki is a masterpiece which very accurately portrays the binary opposition of the sexes and the fiery intimacy of an intensive partnership. Cupid twists the masculine to the point of transgression, where gender constructs are destablished and deconstructed in the Derridean sense. This is something for any intimate couple to identify with. It shows once again how close together happiness, grief, hate and intimacy are, and the art of keeping distance within closeness… Kk – Arena Festival

Stosunki is a real gem! An unpretentious story about women and men performed by two humorous, intelligent and skilful actors. Conventions mingle in this show like a kaleidoscope: from sketch, to dance and artistic visions, to the very final scene, which strengthens our conviction that we all – women as well as men – are humans in the first place. Surprisingly indeed – it does not sound like something banal! Ewa Obrebowska – Piasecka, Gazeta Wyborcza

The actors of COSmino Theatre work with Teatr Biuro Podrózy who often deal with the subject of death. This time, they were keen to tell a story of life, love, and of all these things which are funny, beautiful, sad and sometimes frightening, but always bound to everyday reality. Marcin Jaworski & Anna Kowalska, Didaskalia

Love and erotic relations are the theme of Stosunki, by the English/Polish theatre COSmino. What is interesting, this story of love and relationships which was conjured up by the protagonists of the performance and played in a sometimes slapstick, comedy style ends with an exchange of clothes and sexual identities. Women dream of dark suits and of masculine strengths and confidence whereas men dream of women’s underwear, high-heeled shoes, fripperies and other sophisticated attributes of femininity. Men also need the delicacy and softness of femininity – the artists of COSmino claim. The performance is a beautiful illustration of the idea of well-known psychoanalyst and pedagog, Bruno Bettelheim, on the longing for the experience of the opposite sex which is supposed to be a common longing of all of us. Agata Chałupnik, Dialog

Double – Superbly imaginative and rich in imagery…The hungry heart breaks free of routine and finds itself confronted with dreams. Experience and imagination are fused, like in a Fellini film. Perfectly presented physical theatre with a beautifully, stylized stage design that lives through its poetic images and appeals to all senses. One of the few pieces (if not the only one) of the festival that conjures up a positive utopia of life on the stage. Manfred Koch, Erlanger Nachrichten
Double, the Polish/English/German coproduction by theatre company COSmino …packs the central motifs of “doppelganger” stories by Edgar Allan Poe, E.T.A. Hoffman, Kafka and David Lynch in a pantomime memento mori horror-tragicomedy…
Adam Brown from Leeds excels in the role of the double, and he is just as versatile as Liam Lane as the pressurized businessman who is a slave to an agenda not his own. One has rarely seen the classic Doppelganger theme realized with more showmanship and slapstick-humour. Abendzeitung Nürnberg

The dynamic of the company created a fusion between conceptual western European experimental theatre and more traditional eastern European story telling and image making. Black meets white. Life meets Death. East meets West. So much so that there’s a blur – the Pippy Longstocking opening to a Polish march, computer game knights to an eastern European version of Tetris. What’s more, this was all achieved without words – only movement and a madman’s laughter. …the performance created its own world that moved and delighted us. There were a few moments where the audience were united in response – when the briefcase was moved at the beginning there was a gasp. When the women gave birth to ice we were taken from laughter to despair. I loved the intimacy, the beauty, the layering of meanings. The story haunts me still – like the twist at the end of a thriller. I was reminded of the conceits of Fight Club and Being John Malkovich. The universal theme of Doppelgangers was expertly devised with in clever ways. Double was never ending and has a life much longer than the length of the show. Michael Pinchbeck

It is a crying game, life is. At night, when only the lights from the buildings in this comic-like world shine in competition with the moon – that’s when you might, having laughed, jump out of your window. And then, Death dances in black light and there are tears in the eyes of the critic’s. This is how it ends, Death draws the curtain, game over.
Double is a magical experience.  Is/sko