Eva Rufo
Jo Johnston


Cosmino join forces with Spanish performer, Eva Rufo and British visual artist Jo Johnston to bring you ‘Heartburn’, a brand new project which addresses the challenges faced by women in today’s Europe.

PERFORMANCE: Abortion has recently been all but criminalized in Poland; violence against women is as prevalent as ever, gender inequality is still evident in every major workplace and every third woman has had to deal with sexual harassment. With so much still against us, is the dream of an egalitarian Europe really achievable? Incorporating song, movement, humour, puppetry, and animation Heartburn will smash taboos around women’s lives in unconventional, accessible and surprising ways.

WORKSHOP: Women who attend the performance will be invited to a follow up creative workshop (online or in person) where they will work with members of the artistic team to create ‘story collages’ of their lives / experiences sparked by the themes explored in the performance.

WEBSITE: These new works of art generated by members of the audience will then be uploaded to a ‘Heartburn’ website, collecting an important catalogue of visual and written testimonies of women’s experience from throughout Europe.

Saturday 4th December 2021 Republika Sztuki Tłusta Langusta, Poznan, Poland
 in person and online European tour planned